Energy Management

The activator of energy and societal transitions from idea to action

ENAMO ENERGY is present to help you complete independence in your strategy and projects
land and businesses for the energy transition.
Our methodology : measure => information => act.
Our originality : integrating multi-stakeholder logic , multi- criteria and multi- indicators.

Transition Strategy

  • Identify with your real need, given the challenges and opportunities of the energy transition : functional analysis, vulnerability diagnosis , knowledge of infrastructure, assets and constraints .
  • Mobilising actors : clear and educational communication , conferences, events, workshops , charter engagement , white paper.
  • Co- build your transition strategy : energy director pattern , sustainable development strategy , Scenarios , local energy loop territory positive energy , climate – energy air – plane ( PCAET ) strategy of resilience and adaptation.
  • Accompany monitoring : indicators , dashboards , reporting.
  • Promote your initiatives : calls for expressions of interest , requests for proposals , competitions, collaborative projects.

Transition project

Since the study of opportunities to advocating global solutions , we operate at the interface between the Project Management and the ecosystem of players in the value chain to secure your transition projects energy :

  • To analyze the feasibility of the project : deposit , land , site constraints , economic analysis, participation of citizens / employees, relations with local players .
  • Maintain global solutions : Qualification ecosystem adapted to the pre-feasibility analysis, co-construction specifications .
  • Coordinate and develop your project : management, communication , education, information.

Our comprehensive solutions are developed at the interface of production chains , storage and consumption energy below, for which we guarantee a control of the parameters and indicators (operation, technologies , players , issues , risks).


Initial and continuing training

Building on solid foundations, transmitting knowledge

  • Basics of physics applied to energy.
  • Project Management .
  • Renewable energy: of course all the sectors covered by ENAMO .
  • Energy Transition: improve energy efficiency through behavior change .
  • Sustainable development : the bases to a sectoral and thematic approach.